Today: Veterans Week and Recycling News


Just a wee note to let you know that we had a very good day at school! Monday was filled with great learning! We had 2 special presentations!

in-remembrance-clipart-1The first was a special presentation to kick off Veterans week! Soldier Sultana (who is a parent in our KHPS community) came to speak to the students about his Peace Missions that he was involved in over his career. He spoke about the meaning of Remembrance Day, shared his experiences through stories and a slide show and involved the students in a question and answer period. The children were fascinated by his medals and he was very good to explain the meaning behind his medals and even why he wanted to become a soldier. He left us thinking about those 3 words…Lest we forget.


Also, we will be having our Kindergarten Remembrance Day assembly from 9-9:30 in the Maker Space. If you are able to join us, you are most welcome! It will be meaningful and brief.

downloadThe second presentation was from our awesome Chief Custodian, Mr. Brian. He reviewed our Recycling Program here at KHPS. We are so fortunate to be so “green” here at school and we are learning what items go in the blue, black and now compost bin.


Mr. Brian telling us about the ins and outs of recycling! Thank-you!

We learned that:

-plastic yogurt and applesauce cups go in the blue bin

-paper products go in the black bin

-food wastes like apple cores, banana peels etc go in the “kitchen catcher”

-paper towels and tissues are to be placed in the green bin.

***** Please note, we will sending home all garbage like cheese string wrappers, granola bar, cereal bar wrappers, saran wrap, tinfoil etc.  We will put empty yogurt tubes in the garbage but that is it.************  If you want to send in a ziplock bag for garbage, that might keep the mess to a minimum inside your child’s lunch bag.

Thank-you so much for your cooperation with this!

Thanks for reading, as always!

Ms. Jo-Anne (on behalf of the Kinder Team) 🙂


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