Scientists in the School…Field Trip form in Mr. Zippy (yesterday)

Tuesday Nov. 29

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are excited to let you know we have a special Science day planned on Friday, December 9th.  The Kindergarten team has invited Scientists in Schools to provide our students with some unique, hands-on learning opportunities. These presenters are local scientists and technical experts who have extensive experience working with children.  Scientists in School is a Canadian charitable organization which has provided our schools with many engaging scientific workshops in previous years.

Our workshop, next month, will help us explore Winter Wonders.  Children will discuss how animals prepare for winter and how they cope in their cold weather habitat. The cost of the workshop is $5 per student.  The remaining half of the fee will be covered using the Voluntary Donations that families submitted in September. This fee covers the materials and the presenter.  Please submit the fee by Wednesday, November 30th.  As always, please contact the office if financial assistance is required.  Confidentiality will be maintained.

In order to make the activities successful, each class will require five volunteers.  If you are able to volunteer your time in your child’s class, please complete the section below and return it to your child’s teacher.  We will ask our volunteers to arrive at the school at 8:15 on the workshop date. Please plan to stay until 11:00. Indoor shoes are recommended to keep your feet warm and dry.  We truly appreciate your time and hope that you will enjoy participating with the class.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Chickadee Teachers!


I am able to volunteer my time for the Scientists in Schools workshop on Friday, December 2nd.  I will be able to arrive at school at 8:15 on this day.

Child’s Name _______________________________________________

Volunteer’s Name ___________________________________________

Contact Phone Number (during the day)____________________________

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