Ice Jewels…special request

Dear families,
With the cold winter weather upon us, we are looking for a few ways to enhance our outdoor play and learning. “Ice jewels” have been a big hit at our previous schools and we are hoping we can add this to our yard this week. If you choose to make some ice jewels please see below.
Ice jewels are made by making a pitcher of coloured water with food colouring (best to do this first to dilute it rather than put colour directly into the ice trays to avoid stains!) pour the pitcher of water into ice cube trays and freeze. Please send the jewels in with your child on either Friday (Jan 13) or Monday (Jan 15) this week in a ziplock bag in your child’s backpack. We will be checking backpacks on those days and will put the jewels directly in our school yard. If you drop your child off feel free to come and drop the jewels in the yard yourself. A fun thing to do at home together!
Looking forward to a fun winter week and a wonderful start to 2017!
Thank you!!!
Kindergarten Team

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